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ARCG INC is recognized as an industry leader in providing quality defensible reports written by expert and practicing Physicians

Occupational Therapy

At ARCG we strive to provide the highest standards in Occupational Therapy utilizing proven methods and innovative approaches to provide cost effective, goal oriented services to maximize our client’s rehabilitation potential.


Medical Assessments

For our automobile accident clients, slip and fall clients and other personal injury clients, we arrange Independent Medical Evaluations to provide objective and defensible opinions regarding our clients’ present and future rehabilitation needs.



At ARCG we believe that the rehabilitation process is a complex progression requiring communication and the coordination of multiple rehabilitation services. Keeping as many of those services in house allows for effective utilization of rehabilitation.


Trusted Medical Team

ARCG Inc. has experienced counselors and therapists who provide the best overall service to help you on your path to recovery. Having served thousands of clients over the years is a testament to our success rate.


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We strive to provide the highest standards in Occupational Therapy, Medical Assessments and Treatments.