About Us



Mark Allen – Owner/Managing Director

Since 1989 and the introduction of no fault automobile insurance in Ontario, ARCG has been developing to meet the ever evolving and changing needs of this specialized rehabilitation market.  ARCG is a private corporation that provides and coordinates community based services to our clients and their families.  Specializing in more complex injury management, services are provided by experienced occupational therapists and case managers that have training and experience in hospital, clinical and private settings.

From hospital discharge to maximum medical recovery and all stages in between, ARCG assists and coordinates the provision of necessary medical and rehabilitation services including, the communication between your insurance and legal team to ensure that this process is as fluid as possible.

Although one of the best medical services in the world, waiting for the OHIP system to address your rehabilitation needs is not always the best option.  ARCG has a unique understanding of the Automobile Legislation that allows faster access to private medical services and has put together a medical roster of some of the top specialists in Ontario to help assess and direct our clients medical and rehabilitation needs.

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